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Welcome to my site!                   Be sure to check out my new podcast! .... The JohnnyrockinMusic Show... it's the show that Rocks! Indie music from around the world!
I am an independent musician from New Jersey, and have been making music since I was 14 years old. I have been in many bands and have recorded many songs over the years. I record music for my own enjoyment at my home studio, And I have released a full length 12 song CD. You can listen to all my songs at,or  I have been played on Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag podcast,and Ed's Mixed Bag podcast.  My songs "My destination"and "Crazy life" were  played as the exit song for Mikes Homecamp podcast.My Song "Rock the Nation" was played on Butterflies, and my song "World goes Round" was played on ISM Radio UK. Most recently my song "The Pain" was played on Just Released Podcast UK. My music is an original mix of pop and rock, and I have many influences.I play all the instruments and produce everything. After a long break from music I started playing again in 2009.I think my last public performance was in 1999. So basically I have been in hiding for 10 years.Sometimes our priorities in life get mixed up, and we do things that are not good for us, and it takes some time to find your way back out of the darkness. I have found my way out of my darkness into the light. I am so glad that I have found this great gift that god has given me again. Special thanks go out to everyone that has played my songs and has given me the inspiration to play, without your support, none of this would be possible. In January 2011 I started my own podcast called the Johnnyrockin Music Show. Use the links below to check out all of my songs, and to go visit my podcast. I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to post a comment on my guestbook.(come on people... I know your checking my site out) please sign the guestbook.

Links The Johnnyrockin Music Show! Johnny Reade (Reverbnation) Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag (podcast) Johnny Reade new album on SoundCloud
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You can check out all my songs on reverbnation. the link is above.
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